Anyone can sing, but the most effective approach to our goal depends on the reasons a client is not already singing: perhaps lack of practice, lack of confidence, lack of discipline, or professional rejection; or maybe a mistaken belief that whoever told you you couldn't sing knew what they were talking about. They didn't!


Every student is an individual who can produce a full, natural and individual sound. Together we find it, define it, and improve it. I make only one guarantee to you: your progress in the work we do together relates directly to the amount of work you accomplish between sessions. You, and you alone, determine at what point, and at what cost, you reach your goals.

The true tests of the teacher are the students who think they cannot sing. We all have voices, but some are more deeply buried than others. Finding those lost, natural singing voices is a task for teacher and student together.


No one is tone-deaf. The brain always hits the right note, but the body sometimes doesn't. Those instructors who accept the less proficient students analyze where the students bodies are failing them. Through drill and programming they correct the physical errors. The brain and body can then work together. A non-singer finds his voice.

Voice teachers guide. They may advise. They are not a placement service. They don't make their students either talented or successful. They provide an atmosphere for their students to grow in skill, in vision and in confidence.

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